Traffic TV

Avoid the jams - see where tailbacks are before you set off and while on the move. Traffic TV is free to use on your PC and only £4 per month (see below for other network charges) on your mobile.

How does it work?

We use data sourced from a leading traffic supplier, mobile phone networks, vehicle fleets and government agencies, to accurately tell us where delays are.

This accurate live traffic information can now be delivered direct to your mobile with TrafficTV, enabling you to see exactly where the traffic delays are before you set off on your journey.

Use the buttons below to switch between CCTV cameras and real-time traffic information.

Traffic TV on your mobile

This downloadable application lets you see where jams are building up, the speed of vehicles at hotspots, and live pictures from thousands of roadside cameras.

Traffic TV is £4 a month for Orange mobile customers, after a 30 day free trial. On other networks Traffic TV is £5 a month, after a 7 day free trial. more details


Listen to live traffic news

Don't want the download? Then simply dial the numbers below from your mobile to hear the latest traffic updates.

  • Orange mobile users call 177
    (calls cost up to 55p a minute)
  • Other mobile users call 1740
    (calls cost up to 59p a minute)

Help friends avoid jams

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